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Preserving the Barracuda Legend
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2014 Portland Roadster Show Favorite
Thursday, March 27th, 2014

By Sam Locklin

The car ‘Cuda Brothers chose as their 2014 Portland Roadster Show favorite is a 1970 Plymouth AAR ‘Cuda. “We know ‘Cudas and this one was set up to go fast, look good, and have all the creature comforts of a modern day Challenger”, stated ‘Cuda Brother Sam. There were a lot of great cars at the show and this ‘Cuda held its own.

AAR Custom Plymouth 'Cuda

‘Cuda Brother Dan made the comment car enthusiasts say all the time. “A restoration is never done”. Dan asked, “What are your plans for this car?”  With confidence and certainty, the owner said that his was completed. After taking a closer look at this Plymouth AAR ‘Cuda we realized that he was right.

AAR Custom Plymouth 'Cuda

Click on Photo for larger image which is easier to read.

Based on the list of options, it has to be fast off the line with a Detroit Locker Dana 60 rear end and 3.91 gears. It also has Drag Radial T/A’s for that extra grip. The 340 engine is stroked to 416c.i.  with TTI headers and a ceramic coated 3-inch exhaust.

AAR Custom Plymouth 'Cuda

Not only is it a great looking ‘Cuda, but it rides nice too with four wheel disk brakes and a long list of modern day conveniences not normally found on a 1970 Plymouth ‘Cuda.  Check out the signboard and you will see what we are talking about.  If only we had our video camera in hand and shot video of this beast on the road. ‘Cuda Brothers knows first hand about the possibilities of a performance 340 and this car was done right.

AAR Custom Plymouth 'Cuda

Click on 2014 Portland Roadster Show to view 136 photos of the event.

Click on AAR Cuda to see all 8 photos of the car.

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1971 Pontiac Firebird Trans-Am
Thursday, February 20th, 2014

By Sam Locklin

1971 Pontiac Trans-Am Firebird

There were 2,116 of this model year made. This is a Pontiac Trans-Am Firebird with 455-HO (high output) V-8 with Ram Air Hoodscoop and a Muncie M-21 4-speed with Hurst linkage. It also has a functional, solenoid actuated shaker hood scoop intake.

1971 Pontiac Trans-Am Firebird

To the best of our knowledge, this second generation T/A (beginning in 1970) was the first production American Sports car to incorporate all of the listed options below on the same car.

  • Front Air Dam spoiler
  • Wheel well spoiler
  • Rear deck lid spoiler
  • Under hood side air extractors
  • Functional ram-air hood scoop
  • Aerodynamic side mirrors

A featured car video is in the works as we are planning out the schedule to interview the owner of this Firebird. Even though it is not running, you will get a good view of the car in all its dusty glory. ‘Cuda Brothers has come across many car owners who let their cars sit for years in small garages, barns, and even outdoors. These cars have not seen the light of day for many years. At least this car owner had room for the car inside a garage and understands the true value of this American Muscle car. We will hear his side as to why he would let this car sit untouched for so many years.

We look forward to keeping people informed and entertained along the way. If we motivate someone to take that classic muscle car out of the garage where it has been sitting for years, all that much better.

Enjoy the Ride,

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Oldest Plymouth Barracuda Survivor on the Planet?
Saturday, January 11th, 2014

By: Sam Locklin

1964 Plymouth Barracuda

This 1964 Plymouth Barracuda may be the oldest survivor on the planet and we are out to prove whether this is true. The under hood fender tag has a date code of 0415 meaning that it was manufactured on April 15th, 1964. The first Barracudas were manufactured on April 1, 1964.  Many have been wrecked or rusted out over the years so there is a good chance that this one may be the oldest survivor.

‘Cuda Brothers posted a picture of a Plymouth Barracuda and its story in mid 2013 on Facebook. We discovered a couple of running Barracudas with date codes of April 20th. The owner of the Barracuda in this story heard about our search for the oldest survivor Barracuda and contacted us because his is older than any we have found to date.

About This Car

It is an all-original 4 speed 273 V8 engine so it is a numbers matching car.  It only has 98,000 miles and the current owner was able to verify that the odometer has not rolled over based on a complete maintenance record since the car was new. This Barracuda has been an Arizona car all its life, so it is in reasonable shape with a lack of rust. It was manufactured in the L.A. plant and was number 6 out of 465 Barracudas produced that year. This is most likely all Barracudas from that plant but the owner is not sure. Information is hard to come by and Chrysler Archives could not help as this was one of the years when many records were destroyed because of a large fire.

The current owner has had the Barracuda about a year. He bought the car from a person who inherited the car from the original owner of which she was a close friend. We are only talking about a 3-owner car with the original buyer of the car owning it for most of its life. The new owner wants to restore the Barracuda to its original stock condition. He is so serious about this that he bought a parts car to use on the restoration. He also owns a third Barracuda.

The paint code is PP1, which is called Ruby. The owner thinks the car has been painted because he sees hints of a brighter red under the current color. The real mystery is with the interior trim. The code is P5X and we are having trouble finding a record of that code. The dash is a padded black dash and the door trim is black. The seats appear to have the original vinyl on the sides but it looks like the surface seat area was redone in a velvet material.

1964 Plymouth Barracuda Intereor


1964 Plymouth Barracuda Steering Wheel


Need Readers Help

It is important that we determine if this is truly the oldest surviving Barracuda. We are using the under hood fender tag as a starting point and if anyone has a Barracuda or know someone that does with a fender tag date older that the 0415 (April 15) for a 1964 Plymouth Barracuda, we would like to hear from you by either commenting on this blog or email. In addition, if anyone knows anything about the mystery Trim code P5X we would like to know more.

History of the Barracuda Documentary

We are in the planning stages of producing a documentary about the  “History of the Plymouth Barracuda – Preserving the Legend”, and this would be a big part of the story.  If this is indeed the oldest survivor Barracuda we would like to follow up with the owner and possibly take a road trip to document the story on video.

Enjoy the Ride,

‘Cuda Brothers – Preserving the Barracuda Legend

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‘Cuda Brothers – Earning our Likes on Facebook
Thursday, January 2nd, 2014

By Sam Locklin

Approximately 95% of our Facebook posts are original content being mostly videos.  We earn our likes by creating entertaining videos throughout the year. Liking us  on Facebook shows our sponsors that we have a following which is critical to our success in being able to continue towards our goals. An important goal we have is in obtaining enough funding to  produce a documentary, “History of the Barracuda – Preserving the Legend”.

Take a look at the second most viewed video in 2013 and show your appreciation by Liking our ‘Cuda Brothers Facebook page if you like what you see. We want to earn our Likes.

Enjoy the Ride,

‘Cuda Brothers – Preserving the Barracuda Legend

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American Made Pride – We Can Get It Back
Thursday, October 24th, 2013

By Sam Locklin

Our Youth – A lost generation of muscle car enthusiasts?

American made muscle cars is something that cannot be taken away but it can be forgotten if we loose the interest of our youth. American made is something you don’t hear much about anymore. A true American success story involves the mystique of the muscle car era, which has achieved worldwide recognition.

The strong desire to own a car and get a drivers license as soon as you turn 16 no longer is the typical way of life. With our youth’s interest in cars diminishing we are at risk of loosing an entire generation of people to the love of cars.

There are a number of reasons why cars are not a high priority to many young people. To better understand why our youth seem to be out of touch with the past you can read more at SEMA News.

One thing that stood out in this article was a comment from Jim Liaw, president and co-founder of the Formula Drift championship series who shares his perspective. “I grew up as a car enthusiast,” he said. “I had friends around me working on cars. Are there fewer young people with driver’s licenses today? Yes. . . . which means every one of us needs to work a little bit harder to get to each one of them.”

What the Young Generation is Saying

Many young people have no idea what a true muscle car is. A young lady watched a video titled, Afternoon Drive – ‘Cuda Brothers Style. Thinking she would be impressed quickly changed when she asked, “Why are they so loud?” as she grimaced.

On another day, a 29 year old saw ‘Cuda Brothers business card. Many people are impressed but   all he could say is, “They are really big cars”. That may have been the first time he had ever seen a Plymouth Barracuda. You have to feel sorry for people who have never seen or experienced the raw power of a true muscle car.

All Is Not Lost

‘Cuda Brothers has attended several auto related events over the last year and have run across some pretty impressive young people that are into muscle cars. Through our Facebook page,  ‘Cuda Brothers has come across a few young people who have auto related Facebook pages. They are passionate about cars and are very active when it comes to adding content to their page. One girl started her Facebook page called KidsAndCars at 9 years old. She attends all kinds of events and works with her dad on cars. We were recently contacted by a 16 year old girl who owns a 2009 Challenger and a 1966 Chrysler Windsor. She grew up working with her dad in his garage and bought her first car at 12 years old. She is actively updating her Facebook page called Mopar Maezzi with many Mopar pictures.

 Drag Racing Expert – And He is Only 7

We ran across a 7 year old named Gabriel who knew more about muscle cars, alcohol dragsters, and auto restoration than most adults. It did not take long to realize that Gabriel would be a good interview. He is 100% committed to someday holding the world record on the drag strip as he discusses building his own race car. This interview was unrehearsed and you will be amazed at Gabriel’s knowledge.

Gabriel attends car shows and loves going to the Woodburn Drags. He has looked us up at almost every event we attend. During our last trip to the Mopar Nationals in Woodburn, Gabriel was excited to show us the Dodge Charger he has been restoring with his dad.


Mother and Son Mopar Enthusiasts

During a car show we came across a mother and son who each own their own Mopars. The son owns this 2010 Barracuda. It is a Challenger converted to a Barracuda using many of the Barracuda features he liked best from different years.

What ‘Cuda Brothers Is Doing

It is the Mission of the ‘Cuda Brothers to remind and educate the muscle car enthusiasts around the world that American muscle cars are like no other cars ever produced. Through our life experiences and continued involvement with the ultimate Muscle Car, the Plymouth ‘Cuda, we will motivate and entertain our youth and young at heart through video, restoration projects, and personal appearances at auto related events.

We look forward to keeping people informed and entertained along the way. If we motivate someone to take that classic muscle car out of the garage where it has been sitting for years, all that much better.

Shooting Video at Woodburn Drag Strip

Neck Breaking, Burning Rubber, Wheelie Popping  Drag Racing Video

Video work gets produced and published on our website and Facebook for what we expect many auto enthusiasts will enjoy.

 ‘Cuda Brothers Attends Several Northwest Car Shows

Seeing a Barracuda at a car show is a rare find. We try to get these two ‘Cudas to as many car shows as we can. It is a thrill when we hear a kid shout out, “Dad, it’s a ‘Cuda”.

 Rachel Loves the ‘Cudas

Daughter Rachel drove the two ‘Cudas on the same day and loved it. She will remember this day forever.

What Can You Do

We have come across many classic car owners who garage their cars that rarely if ever  see the light of day. There are many reasons this happens and I am equally as guilty. My blue 1972 ‘Cuda sat untouched in a garage for over 10 years. That will never happen again. Get out and drive that classic car, take your kid to a car show, and/or start working on that old car that has been sitting in the garage for 20 years. You will get so much satisfaction from all the compliments you get as people appreciate the efforts you put into your old car and it does not matter if it is a rust bucket or a show car quality car.

Enjoy the Ride,

‘Cuda Brothers

Preserving the Barracuda Legend

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