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Oldest Plymouth Barracuda Survivor on the Planet?

By: Sam Locklin

1964 Plymouth Barracuda

This 1964 Plymouth Barracuda may be the oldest survivor on the planet and we are out to prove whether this is true. The under hood fender tag has a date code of 0415 meaning that it was manufactured on April 15th, 1964. The first Barracudas were manufactured on April 1, 1964.  Many have been wrecked or rusted out over the years so there is a good chance that this one may be the oldest survivor.

‘Cuda Brothers posted a picture of a Plymouth Barracuda and its story in mid 2013 on Facebook. We discovered a couple of running Barracudas with date codes of April 20th. The owner of the Barracuda in this story heard about our search for the oldest survivor Barracuda and contacted us because his is older than any we have found to date.

About This Car

It is an all-original 4 speed 273 V8 engine so it is a numbers matching car.  It only has 98,000 miles and the current owner was able to verify that the odometer has not rolled over based on a complete maintenance record since the car was new. This Barracuda has been an Arizona car all its life, so it is in reasonable shape with a lack of rust. It was manufactured in the L.A. plant and was number 6 out of 465 Barracudas produced that year. This is most likely all Barracudas from that plant but the owner is not sure. Information is hard to come by and Chrysler Archives could not help as this was one of the years when many records were destroyed because of a large fire.

The current owner has had the Barracuda about a year. He bought the car from a person who inherited the car from the original owner of which she was a close friend. We are only talking about a 3-owner car with the original buyer of the car owning it for most of its life. The new owner wants to restore the Barracuda to its original stock condition. He is so serious about this that he bought a parts car to use on the restoration. He also owns a third Barracuda.

The paint code is PP1, which is called Ruby. The owner thinks the car has been painted because he sees hints of a brighter red under the current color. The real mystery is with the interior trim. The code is P5X and we are having trouble finding a record of that code. The dash is a padded black dash and the door trim is black. The seats appear to have the original vinyl on the sides but it looks like the surface seat area was redone in a velvet material.

1964 Plymouth Barracuda Intereor


1964 Plymouth Barracuda Steering Wheel


Need Readers Help

It is important that we determine if this is truly the oldest surviving Barracuda. We are using the under hood fender tag as a starting point and if anyone has a Barracuda or know someone that does with a fender tag date older that the 0415 (April 15) for a 1964 Plymouth Barracuda, we would like to hear from you by either commenting on this blog or email. In addition, if anyone knows anything about the mystery Trim code P5X we would like to know more.

History of the Barracuda Documentary

We are in the planning stages of producing a documentary about the  “History of the Plymouth Barracuda – Preserving the Legend”, and this would be a big part of the story.  If this is indeed the oldest survivor Barracuda we would like to follow up with the owner and possibly take a road trip to document the story on video.

Enjoy the Ride,

‘Cuda Brothers – Preserving the Barracuda Legend

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